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Mascot GreenTech's purpose is to create and encourage sustainable agriculture practices across the region, through our production and supply of natural animal feed and composting technology and products.

Natural Animal Feed

We should know what our food feeds on. We are committed to providing affordable, chemical-free, and healthy animal feed from natural and sustainable sources to our customers. 

We do our best to research, source, and produce healthier animal feed products for the market so more varieties of natural animal feeds  are available in the market to fit any budget. We also love to partner with other companies to contract manufacture animal feed for their specific use.

Composting Technology

Mascot GreenTech provides technology solutions for the production of good quality compost and organic fertilisers, full of natural nutrients and good microbes, essential for plant growth.

We are based out of the Southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia and look forward to working with regional and global partners to create awareness of effective waste management and the conversion of organic waste matter into productive compost and fertilisers.


What types of Animal Feed do you sell?

MGT offers a wide range of animal feed products - from Poultry to fish. We also do contract manufacture and are looking for partners who would like to produce their own feed.

Where are you located?

MGT is located at Pasir Gudang, Johor Malaysia. We have a sheltered working space where the animal feed are being processed and packaged.

What type of composting technology products do you sell?

We offer a wide range of composting solutions to fit any farm size or customer needs.  We produce and sell small compost tumbler for household use to large industrial units for more specific commerical and industrial purposes.

Do you sell outside of Malaysia?

Yes we do. We can supply globally. Do reach out to us and explore opportunitties. 

Customer Reviews

The Customer Always Knows Best

They provide very price-competitive animal feed and can customise to our specific requirements.  Their feed is a great addition to the natural food our free-range chicken and ducks currently feed on.

Price-competitive natural feed

They managed to produce organic and healthy feed for my ducks.  A good mixture of Protein and grains fibre sources.

Steven Lee
Good protein mix

Their Free-range products are great to supplement for my free-range chickens and I am comfortable in knowing that my free-range chicken are consuming feed that are all natural.

Mohd. Ibrahim

Our Products

"Natural" Dedak Ayam Kampung | 

Free Sample of 1 KG
· 1kg | RM3
· 5kg | RM12
· 10KG | RM27
· 25KG | RM72

Pellet form. Made up of natural grains, soybean meal and grain by product. Fortified with sodium to enhance growth and calcium for better production of eggs quality for layers. Suitable for free range chicken to ensure good nutrition values.

Gandum Ayam

Repack 1KG
· 1kg | RM3

Repack 1 Kg of Gandum ayam.
Suitable for Chicken.

Jagung Halus

Repack 1KG
· 1kg | RM1.50

Repack 1 Kg of jagung halus.
Suitable for Chicken.

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